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HWC® is a hybrid cable television network consisting of one-third retail television (Health & Wellness Marketplace™) combined with a two-thirds traditional advertising model. HWC features exercise, studio audience talk, cooking, reality, relationship, and competition show programming. The network is headquartered in Miami, FL with offices and a studio in the Magic City.

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How To Deal With Stress


At one point during the week, everyone is stressing out due to work, school, or because they’re going through a difficult time. Believe it or not, stress is a part of life.  Stress creates pressure, frustration, and some levels can get out of hand. The big question is how can we respond to stress?

  1. Walk it off

Taking a walk is a great way to get things off your mind. If you’re stuck at your work office, take a short stroll around the building or the block. If there are some shops in the area, go check those out too! No better way to transport yourself elsewhere than to imagine those Manalo’s or Loubs around your calf, or that Ferrari under your butt. If you’re at home, get some fresh air and head on out- consider yourself one of the lucky ones. When your head is somewhere else, your problems go with it.

  1. Eat good food

Eat well-balanced meals like whole grains, vegetables, and lean protein. These are foods that will keep your energy flowing constantly. Eating at your favorite fast-food restaurant will not reduce your stress. It will add more concern about all those fries you just piled into your maw.

  1. Treat yourself

Do what makes you happy. Cook your favorite meal that keeps you relaxed and brings you happiness. Even a 4 oz glass of red wine soothes the soul. This is your time to create your own form of relaxation.

  1. Write it down

When things are really getting to you, jot your thoughts down. Clear your mind by writing your thoughts on paper. This can remove anger and your troubles from your system. It can organize your day or schedule it in a manageable way and help relieve your stress.

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Beautiful vistas made by random pieces of fruit, and dogs and cats with funny sayings will make you smile, and you cannot be stressed when you’re smiling.

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